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Another update - 26 of June

Interesting is that new mobs is added - LAGMAS - he is an orc on 33 level, of course also lost of updated items, when you are interested in details look on official, anyway some mobs where updated - i think the most updated mobs is a dragon Thorog. When its update he is always updated. Also yesterday new type of monsters where added- Giants ( on screen ) there are 60 feets tall and have great powers, there were mentioned in Lord of the Rings book but in Lord of The Rings Online : Shadow of Angmar they are very important. Their destructive force will be great and i think they will be interesting - Raid, enemy. Also on 25 june was update, small one after big one on 24 of June where very much where added like Drake Matron mobs or big list of items.


In Lord of The Rings: Shadow of Angmar we have few dragon's - big, bad, mob which is utlimate raid target. But what about all great dragon's in middlearth?Where they come from?Who create them?what is their story? Melkor ( Morgoth ) create Glaurung - the first Dragon as his servant. Glaurung was knowed as a Father of The Dragon, we wasnt big but have great magical powers. He was one of the strongest servants of Melkor ( same as Sauron also his servant ) Another great Dragon - Ancalagon the Black - was the biggest dragon ever existed, his fire breath was so powerfull that he could destroy The Rings of Power ( but not the One Ring). He was defeted after great battle in the sky, where Elven sky ship fought with him all day - this skyship was also destroyed during battle. ( on the pic Glaurung killed by Nasmith )