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Why Lord of The Rings is better then WoW

Basically because : 1. It's new and fresh - not like grampy World of Warcraft. Of course take it easy :P ive had been playing WoW very long but i know very well Lotr and i think - LOTR is better and more interesting then WoW. 2. Have it's own charisma - ohh yes you can fall in love very fast :). 3. I think world is better - Tolkien's Middle-earth is far more interesting then Azeroth. Yeah i know there is lots of Warcraft's books and other stuff- but hey read Lord of the Rings Trylogy!It's a classic! 4. Players in Lotr are nicer and when you are going somewhere, everyone is very helpful - WoW its different :|. 5. You can purchase Lotr for lifetime membership > in WoW you can't! 6. Traits, skills - they are far more efficient then in Warcraft. 7. I think its - for now - alternative for anyone who is bored with WoW and want something else. It's best option! What do you think about this game?And what about WoW?which one is better?