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this week was full of updates, almost every day there was some upgrade of Lotr. After adding some new mobs, updating some items, adding new and that kind of things - BOROMIR was added..Son of Denethor - Steward of Gondor and brother of Faramir, Boromir is one of Fellowship of the Ring, he joined as a representative of Gondor. The Isildurs Bane - The One Ring, is tempting him all the time and after corupting Boromir's heart he wants to take this ring from Frodo - after that Frodo realized that he cant travel with others and wants to run away. Fellowship was broken.... Boromir - the brave general - capitain of Gondor is killed by orcs after event with Frodo. He wanted to take this ring to protect his poeple - he dont realized that, after using One Ring - the great evil would be realised..