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12 book was released in Lotro

Turbine announced that February is month of Guardian/Champion and Burglar but i haven't noticed any change in play. Ive got Lore master lvl 50 and Captain but i also have new lvl 26 champion, and it seem nothing really important has been changed . New thing in 12 book is more options for stuff to your house - maybe they want to create Lord of The Sims :P who knows. I think about other thing right now. Maybe your heard about Age of Conan and Warhammer Online?What happens with Lord of the Rings Online when this games, especially AoC, will be released?I know about Age of Conan and game can be really great. New combat system, new stuff for guilds, mount combat and great graphic and music...and Conan of course - really macho killing gangsta :P And what do you think?