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Showing posts from September 7, 2008

The Battle of Amon Hen

Hello guys, today something cool! ;D Few minutes ago i found some crazy information from our beloved Lord of the Rings Online. Well if this is all true we will witness premiere of new free content update for The Lord of the Rings Online™ called - The Battle of Amon Hen. This unique update brings a new race to the table with "extra cr ispy new skills and features!" .... i can say only one word - LOL.. This new update content will bring to us: Six New Skills! • Oppressive Yolk • Batter • Scramble • Hot Wings (LOL ;D) • Eggcellent Assault • Poach New Features! • New Instrument: Drumstick! • New Trait: Nuggets of Wisdom (this one is cool) • New Fellowship Skill: A Pox Upon You • New PvMP Rank: Colonel (!) • Universal Cook Recipe: "Tastes Like..." • One-shot Cook Recipe: Yourself! (?!) Also new local brokers to feather your nest, stage a coop, or splurge on a henhouse for your flock! Everything look cool but how chicken can bea