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Land of Forochel in Book 13

On official forum i've found map of new territory from Book 13 :-)! This region of Forochel will be near Evendim, but i dunno where exactly. Forochel parts are Talvi-mûri = Winter-wall, Länsi-mâ = West-land, Itä-mâ = East-land, Jä-kuru = Ice-canyon ( i know this from one guy from forum, its from Finnish language ) . What is extra cool soon expansion Mines of Moria will be released with lots of new stuff, like level cap raised to 60 or new mobs like Balrog! (29 June Update) After some time i'm familiar with all Forochel and i can really recommend this area for everyone. You can very easily get very powerful blue item set ( 2 x rings and jewel ). When i was on 44 level i went to Forochel and get 4 levels. Area is maybe boring but quests are very cool with valuable equipment.