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Finaly level 50!!

Hello mates, welcome! I'm very happy to inform that around week ago my first character advanced through all level and now I'm on 50 level :-) (until premiere of Mines of Moria anyway...) What's new? first of all like other players on my level I'm doing deeds, there are lots of deeds in game but i pick few and all my time im spending on grinding..i don't like this after playing in World of Warcraft but some traits ( when you complete deed you get traits) are very good. On the screen Mikevorn (me) vs Helchgam, he killed then all my fellowship including me :/ For the example when you reach Valor trait on level 10 you've got: + 286 to Morale (something like HP) + 10 Mighty + 5.8 non-Combat Morale Regeneration (if i remember correctly ) another cool trait for my class is Discipline you can get on level 10: +30 Might +5.0% Disease Resistance -1.5% Melee Vulnerability You can pick max 5 at the same time traits and when you add each one to your character, you became rea