Sunday, July 22, 2007


In Lord of The Rings: Shadow of Angmar we have few dragon's - big, bad, mob which is utlimate raid target.
But what about all great dragon's in middlearth?Where they come from?Who create them?what is their story?
Melkor ( Morgoth ) create Glaurung - the first Dragon as his servant. Glaurung was knowed as a Father of The Dragon, we wasnt big but have great magical powers. He was one of the strongest servants of Melkor ( same as Sauron also his servant )
Another great Dragon - Ancalagon the Black - was the biggest dragon ever existed, his fire breath was so powerfull that he could destroy The Rings of Power ( but not the One Ring). He was defeted after great battle in the sky, where Elven sky ship fought with him all day - this skyship was also destroyed during battle.

( on the pic Glaurung killed by Nasmith )

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