Friday, July 27, 2007

Another update - 26 of June

Interesting is that new mobs is added - LAGMAS - he is an orc on 33 level, of course also lost of updated items, when you are interested in details look on official, anyway some mobs where updated - i think the most updated mobs is a dragon Thorog. When its update he is always updated.

Also yesterday new type of monsters where added-Giants ( on screen ) there are 60 feets tall and have great powers, there were mentioned in Lord of the Rings book but in Lord of The Rings Online : Shadow of Angmar they are very important.

Their destructive force will be great and i think they will be interesting - Raid, enemy.

Also on 25 june was update, small one after big one on 24 of June where very much where added like Drake Matron mobs or big list of items.